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Vioscapes Advantages

1)Positive Impact. The 1st ocean plastics-based composite products
in our categories.

2)Strongest, Toughest Products made
from our Proprietary EcoVioTM Composite3)Brand Leadership in
“Un-Branded” Categories.

4)Customer Value focused Product
5)Category-Broadening Solutions for
under-served Target Audiences.

6)Designed for Both In-Stock
and On-Line GMROI

7)Operational Advantages from
where we collect Ocean Plastics and manufacture. All in the Americas and in
U.S. Free-Trade Zones.

EcoVio™ Composite Advantages

Factor VioScapes EcoVio™ Composite Wood Metal WPC Composites
Installation Easy & Fast Typically Easy Difficult – Usually require screws and tools to install. Typically Easy
Quality & Performance Highest Low Low High
Strength & Impact Resistance Highest Low Medium Good
Mobility Easy & Fast Lower Difficult Good
Quality / Warranties High Low Low Good
Material Re-Use Yes No Yes – Most steel and aluminum are recycled Yes
Ocean Plastics Re-Use Yes No No No

The EcoVio™ Composite is a revolutionary material that combines 60% hard natural fibers, typically coffee husks, with 40% ocean plastics. This unique blend results in a composite that is significantly stronger and more durable than traditional materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Strength and Durability: Rated at 3210 MPa for flex resistance, higher than wood, metal, or WPC.
  • Density and Weight: With a density of 1.18 g/cm³, it's denser and stronger than wood and most WPCs, yet lighter than metal.
  • Environmental Impact: 100% of the plastics used are recovered from oceans, contributing to cleaner oceans and a more sustainable environment.
  • Tool-Free Installation: The Easy-Notch Installation System allows for quick and effortless assembly.
  • Compostable Packaging: Even our packaging is eco-friendly, doubling as weed barriers.
  • Traceability: Every product comes with a QR code for customers to track the origin of the ocean plastics used.