Our Proprietary Mix

EcoVio™ Composite Material

Composition. Our primary material is our proprietary EcoVio™ Composite is made from 60% “hard” natural fibers, typically coffee husks, and 40% OCEAN PLASTICS.

Purpose. 100% of the materials are recovered and recycled into new Vioscapes products. Everything is tracked by production batch for accountability and for publishing on our website.

Production. Our products are manufactured in semi-automated production environments, utilizing continuous flow extruding and CNC machining for consistency, precision and quality.

Advantages. The high “hard” natural fiber content makes our products stronger, more durable and come with longer warranties than similar products made from wood, metal or typical WPC Composites.

EcoVio™ Composite Advantages

Factor VioScapes EcoVio™ Composite Wood Metal WPC Composites
Installation Easy & Fast Typically Easy Difficult – Usually require screws and tools to install. Typically Easy
Quality & Performance Highest Low Low High
Strength & Impact Resistance Highest Low Medium Good
Mobility Easy & Fast Lower Difficult Good
Quality / Warranties High Low Low Good
Material Re-Use Yes No Yes – Most steel and aluminum are recycled Yes
Ocean Plastics Re-Use Yes No No No

The EcoVio™ Composite is a revolutionary material that combines 60% hard natural fibers, typically coffee husks, with 40% ocean plastics. This unique blend results in a composite that is significantly stronger and more durable than traditional materials.

Key Benefits:

  • Strength and Durability: Rated at 3210 MPa for flex resistance, higher than wood, metal, or WPC.
  • Density and Weight: With a density of 1.18 g/cm³, it's denser and stronger than wood and most WPCs, yet lighter than metal.
  • Environmental Impact: 100% of the plastics used are recovered from oceans, contributing to cleaner oceans and a more sustainable environment.
  • Tool-Free Installation: The Easy-Notch Installation System allows for quick and effortless assembly.
  • Compostable Packaging: Even our packaging is eco-friendly, doubling as weed barriers.
  • Traceability: Every product comes with a QR code for customers to track the origin of the ocean plastics used.